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About the Plane: Extra 330SC

Jim's Extra 330SC (a.k.a. Fuzz Machine) is a 315 hp unlimited class composite aerobatic monoplane, built in Germany. The aircraft features a blistering 420 degrees/second roll rate, which is more than 1 roll every second. The aircraft is capable of +/- 10gs. During his performance, Jim routinely pulls 10 Gs, pushes -7 gs, and reaches speeds of 250 mph.

Aircraft Statistics:

Construction Composite, made in Germany

Wingspan: 24,6 ft / 7,5 m
Length: 22,1 ft / 6,7 m
Height: 8,4 ft / 2,6 m
Engine: 6-cylinder Lycoming AEIO 580, 315 hp
G Limits: +/- 10gs
Nickname: "The Fuzz Machine"

The Extra 330SC is a great cross-country aircraft with a Garmin G3X panel and autopilot. Jim gets 180kts cruise and 500nm range at 17 gph.

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Plane Color Schemes

Jim's color schemes are free to use for personal use. For commercial applications, please contact Jim using the Contact Form.

Download the Color Scheme of Jim's Extra 330SC:

Download the Color Scheme of Jim's Old Extra 330LX:

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Shown above: Jim Bourke and Tim Hanstine with his ExtremeFlight model.

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