About the Plane: Extra 330SC

The Extra 330SC is a 315 hp unlimited class composite aerobatic monoplane, built in Germany. The aircraft features a blistering 420 degrees/second roll rate, which is more than 1 roll every second. The aircraft is capable of +/- 10gs. During his performance, Jim routinely pulls 10 Gs, pushes -7 gs, and reaches speeds of 250 mph.

Aircraft Statistics:

Construction Composite, made in Germany

Wingspan: 24,6 ft / 7,5 m
Length: 22,1 ft / 6,7 m
Height: 8,4 ft / 2,6 m
Engine: 6-cylinder Lycoming AEIO 580, 315 hp
G Limits: +/- 10gs
Nickname: "The Fuzz Machine"

The Extra 330SC is a great cross-country aircraft with a Garmin G3X panel and autopilot. Jim gets 180kts cruise and 500nm range at 17 gph.

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