IAC Election Results

I'm pleased to announce that thanks to all of you I've won the election for IAC President!

This was a team effort involving so many people I cannot thank them all but let me take a moment to express my gratitude to my pilot friends Patty Wagstaff, Rob Holland, Matt Chapman, and Jeff Boerboon for endorsing me early and giving me a big leg up in communicating a new vision for the IAC. Thanks to Mike Heuer for providing much needed gravitas to my campaign. His credentials as an administrator of aviation organizations are unequaled. My thanks as well to Jack Moshovis and Micho Velickovich of MX Aircraft as well as Philipp Steinbach of Game Composites GB1 for sharing information about me with their many satisfied customers. I also must thank the 329 members of my Facebook group who took their love and enthusiasm for our sport and turned it into action for a cause that is bigger than any of us. I also want to thank my air show friends within ICAS - International Council of Air Shows who spread the word among many casual IACers who do not normally pay attention to the political aspects of the organization. I'd like to thank Knife Edge Software artist De'Shan Perry for his excellent design work. Marianne Fox of course does not get enough credit for supporting me in all the crazy things I do. Thank you, beautiful. Also special thanks to my fellow board members Peggy Jordan Riedinger and Bob Freeman for taking the political risk of endorsing me along with Rob. The three of you have an outstanding vision for the future of the IAC that I think is validated by this vote today.

This vote is not about me. It's about the energy that all of you created. If you keep that energy alive, if you talk about it and share it with love, you will not only grow this sport you will enrich the lives of everyone around you.

Lastly, I want to say that Robert Armstrong deserves everyone's thanks for all the hard work he has done. Please reach out to him and let him know he is appreciated. If you don't know Robert I can tell you he is a good man and a lifetime advocate for aerobatic competition. We differ on details and style but we are not so different at heart. My very best to him. I also know that Robert has many supporters within the IAC, for good reason, and that my mission is to take care of their needs as well as the people who voted for me. I will work very hard to fulfill his promises as well as mine.


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