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Jim Bourke for President of the International Aerobatic Club

I currently serve you as the IAC Membership Chair, as a member of the board of Directors, and on the IAC's government liaison team. I now ask for your support as I seek the position of IAC President. Voting opens on June 24!

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Mike Heuer
IAC & CIVA President Emeritus
Philipp Steinbach
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Mitch Velickovich

My Commitment to You

Are you aware that the IAC has not called a meeting of the Executive Committee in over a year? We cannot run without attention to our important business any longer. I will fix this problem and many others.

I have the time and enthusiasm needed to be an effective leader. I will communicate respectfully with all IAC partners and volunteers on your behalf. I will listen to concerns and apply myself to find real solutions.

My Platform is Simple. We will...

Push the FAA harder to meet the needs of aerobatic enthusiasts

Better leverage our relationship with the EAA to gain new members

Promote fair, safe, and joyful participation of aerobatics

I see a future IAC where the burden of the past is lifted. I believe the members of the IAC have lost trust that the organization will ever truly hear and respond to the problems they face. If we work together we can be without complaint in 5 years. Let's start that effort now!

Competition Experience

I am an active competitor with 14 first place Unlimited wins and 40 IAC competitions total. I am a two-time member of the US Unlimited Aerobatic team: in 2017 in Malelane, South Africa, and in 2019 in Chateauroux, France. I've placed second in the nationals in the four minute free and 6th at the world level.

Judge Experience

I am a national judge, a judge school instructor, a member of the rule book committee, and the lead of the rule book refactoring team which last year trimmed the rule book to just over a third of its original volume, from 269 pages to 96.

Professional Experience

I am the owner of Knife Edge Software, the makers of the RealFlight simulator. We also make Acro FS, a free to play flight simulator for aerobatic enthusiasts with Virtual Reality support. My R/C industry experience of over 25 years and the many contacts I've developed there allow me to champion the sport of aerobatics from all angles including model aviation.

Airshow Experience

I am a nationally active airshow pilot with a surface level waiver.

Other Relevant Experience

I am a coach and mentor to hundreds of aspiring aerobatic pilots both in real life and via my youtube channel. I am a vocal proponent of aerobatics at all levels and disciplines, from "grassroots" to Unlimited, from sailplanes to power, from beginner to professional. I believe strongly that aerobatics is for everyone.

I give regular talks on aerobatics at EAA chapters, at Airventure, and via the EAA webinars program. I also write articles for EAA's Sport Aviation and the IAC's Sport Aerobatics magazine. I try to contribute 2 or 3 pieces of new content on aerobatics each month to various outlets.

How to Help

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Voting opens on June 24. Your vote is appreciated!

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